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Alpenglow Harp Studio: May 2022 News

Dear Parents and Students and harp lovers,

I want to thank you all for a wonderful year of growth and improvement. I am always amazed when I see a student who is initially intimidated and challenged by certain pieces, takes them on and with dedicated work, masters them!

One of the most gratifying parts of teaching is to see students experience the satisfaction of a job well done. I can always tell when a student is really starting to enjoy a piece as they master it, are able to play it for family and friends, and enjoy having overcome the challenge to create something beautiful. I have seen all of you make that kind of progress this year and for that I am thankful.

Regarding Summer:

I know everyone is busy but many of you would like to keep up your chops with periodic lessons throughout the summer.

Currently I will be away:

  • June 1-16

  • July 17-Aug 13

That leaves the following dates open for summer lessons:

  • June 17-July 15

  • And Aug 15-31

If you’d like to schedule lessons any week days through those dates, I will be working some nursing assistant shifts here and there so we may have to be a bit flexible, but I will be happy to help you work on some fun pieces you’d like to learn. jazzy, Latin, classical, Celtic, Disney, popular? Summer can be a great time to master something you’ve always wanted to learn so start brainstorming!

Mark Your Calendars Sat October 8, 2022

The Mile High Chapter of the American Harp Society is thrilled to announce the return of Harp Fantasia. This is an opportunity to perform with harpists from all over the Front Range. There is music for all levels. Let me know if you'd like to participate and I will help you get signed up! You can get more info on the Mile High Chapter of the American Harp Society website Here.

I would especially like to congratulate all students who had the opportunity to perform for live audiences including talent shows, recording projects, competitions, orchestra, church performances and sharing music for Celebration of Music ceremonies. So proud of all of you for taking on the challenge, including Ella, Jenna, Noel, Lydia, and Bella.

Lydia Krason, Graduate!

Special congratulations go to Lydia Krason who will graduate from the American School of Dubai and return to Colorado where she was accepted both into the Physics and Music programs at CU Boulder. She will be studying harp there with Janet Harriman, where Janet let me know that Lydia will have many growth and musical opportunities with the CU Music Department. Lydia has been studying with me for over 8 years and it is hard to see her go, but I am excited to see her succeed in all her new ventures!

Here is Lydia Krason performing in Dubai for Da Coda Musiqqa, a non-profit initiative that connects and inspires emerging artists and musicians throughout the UAE by developing and delivering multi-disciplinary cross-cultural projects that promote creative learning and collaboration. In this recording project called "Bach in the Subways" Lydia's recording of "Prelude in C" will be broadcast in the New York subways for all to enjoy. Lydia is the second artist featured in the video above.

Here are some fabulous recent student highlights on Alpenglow Harp Studio YouTube Channel:

Alpenglow Harp Studio Students: Spots of Musical Sunshine

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and looking forward to seeing you over the summer and beyond! You all are the sunshine in my every day!

If you're up for going out and about this eve, come celebrate Bob Dylan's birthday with us at eTown in Boulder at 7 pm. Tickets are $20 and fourteen musicians will be playing some of his classics including yours truly!

Let the music move you,

Erin Newton

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